Implement ideas together and inspire customers

With our temporary business partnership, we work with you to forge innovative ideas to make your company stand out from the crowd.


Temporary partnership

It doesn't matter of whether you own an established company or a fresh startup, we will work with you to create your roadmap to success.

Together we realize projects, you for which you lack of time ressources, know-how or important contacts. In our temporary business partnership, a task force works agile and creation-oriented for you.


Weekly successes

Next goals and campaigns are set and results of the previous week are analyzed in frequent meetings with the team.

This enables us to tackle challenges in a targeted manner and successfully implement ideas using modern project management techniques.

Wöchentliche Erfolge
Wöchentliche Erfolge

Weekly successes

Next goals and campaigns are set and results of the previous week are analyzed in frequent meetings with the team.

This enables us to tackle challenges in a targeted manner and successfully implement ideas using modern project management techniques.

Task force projects for your company

Gemeinsame Planung

Planning together

After a thorough inventory of current conditions and your ideas, we plan short, medium and long-term projects together with you as a team.

Analyse und Vorbereitung

Analysis and preparation

We use modern analysis tools and build on existing systems. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we always adapt the projects to your needs.

Schnelle Umsetzung

Quick implementation

Planned today, everything ready tomorrow. You will be surprised how quickly projects can be implemented that would normally take a long time.

Not customers, but partners


What is a temporary business partnership?

Abstract: Planning, organization and implementation of corporate development and projects in close cooperation between the company management and the diverse team of The House of Intelligence (THOI), whereby THOI handles various tasks in the areas of marketing, strategy, planning, finance, design and corporate development.

In the temporary business partnership, the team from The House of Intelligence will design an agile project plan with your company for the development of your company or your projects and, in a cooperative partnership, complete the tasks that arise in the plan. 

The cooperation is called business partnership for the reason that the team is integrated into your company on a partnership level and works on the development of the company with the manager on an equal footing and in close exchange, like a real partner.

However, the partnership is limited to a mutually individually negotiated time. This means that no shares, voting rights or other long-term liabilities have to be considered before experience from the joint cooperation has been gained. If the partnership with THOI suits you, the partnership can be extended or other types of cooperation can be worked out.

How long does the business partnership last?

Abstract: Usually 3 - 12 months.

In order to achieve the best results, it is advantageous to integrate yourself into the partner company over a longer period of time, but this is not a prerequisite for implementing projects quickly and at short notice.

The usual terms for a temporary business partnership are 6-12 months. The partnership can be extended if necessary. It is possible to reduce the partnership to 3 months for small or pilot projects.

Are you a management consultancy?

Abstract: THOI is not a pure consulting company.

The cooperation differs from pure consultation in that the THOI team takes care of the tasks that arise with you and takes over some of them.

Are you an advertising agency?

Abstract: THOI is not a pure advertising agency, but can implement marketing, social media and advertising.

The focus of THOI is on the diverse company development that is determined together with your company. If the planned tasks include marketing and advertising measures, these will be taken over by THOI, as this area is part of the team's skills. 

What competencies does The House of Intelligence have?


  • Marketing and strategic marketing
  • Design and corporate identity
  • Fiances and Investment
  • Webdesign and Ecommerce
  • Business Development
  • Innovation and digitalization
  • Company leadership and management
  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Process optimization and organization
  • Sales and strategic sales
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Entrepreneurship and company founder
  • PR and Media
Who is a partnership suitable for?

Abstract: start-ups, young companies, SMEs, large companies.

A temporary business partnership is a flexible product and can be adapted to any company. However, due to the high demand and limited capacities, we cannot accept every project. If you are interested, we recommend that you contact us in order to create a connection between your company and. It is often the case that we access our network if we can find a suitable interface. 

How is the business partnership paid on time?

The remuneration is adjusted in exchange and adapted to the respective project and workload. 

The remuneration can be based on the following:

  • Monetary
  • Monetary with revenue sharing
  • Monetary with company participation
Are other types of collaboration also possible?

Abstract : Yes

We are happy to work out the possible types of cooperation in an exchange.

Do you also need a task force?

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